Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Zine

By Tiffany Lepa Recently, I did a thing.  I created and printed a collaborative feminist zine called “Hey Girl, What Can You Do With That Mouth?” Throughout this process, I learned a lot about DIY self-publishing and the art of zine-making, so I thought I'd share some nuggets of knowledge. After joining a feminist writing... Continue Reading →

Own Your Platform

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody who has wiped your bottom much believes in your writing. Sure, moms will cheer for this writing thing as they did your various finger paint masterpieces. But relatives’ gentle, distant that’s nice will not sell books. No, you need fans. And to find fans, you must have a... Continue Reading →

Social Awkwardness

-Sumedha So, technically this was a speech that I performed in a Toastmasters contest. But blog, speech, really, they are all ways to communicate so I thought this might make an interesting read! So here you go... When we are kids we don’t care about what the world thinks. We don’t know social norms or... Continue Reading →

A Novice Scrivener User Tries to Explain Scrivener

By Nicole Stump Perhaps you’re a more straight-thinking human, but when I’m writing anything more than an email, my notebook or Google Doc increasingly spirals out of control. I’m continually shifting, reshaping, reimagining how the piece will come out. Because of my non-linear approach to writing everything from poems to essays to fiction, it’s no... Continue Reading →

Going to Writing Land

I've been fighting for clarity lately. I've been off center and getting back on track has been the clumsiest act of dropping marbles, picking them up and dropping them again. It will pass.  It has to.  Forward movement. These poems are a reflection of my current attempt at finding my way through this uncertain phase... Continue Reading →

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