Writing prompt- Gilbert Frisky Jr.

Write a 5 sentence dating profile for Gilbert Frisky Jr. The profile should show him as a well-rounded, multi-layered individual so people are finally able to see past the “hot merman”.


Use the comments section to write a dating profile for Gilbert.


2 thoughts on “Writing prompt- Gilbert Frisky Jr.

Add yours

  1. I was born at the mouth of the Amazon to missionary parents who taught me everything I know about swimming in murky waters and preparing for the Great Flood.
    Nature is where I live and thrive. During the week I share my time between fundraising for eco-sensitive areas like mangroves and marshes, and crafting custom-made AquApparel for children of climate refugees. An ideal partner would understand the virtues of preparedness and the time-consuming aspects of my career but join me in unabashed fun on the weekends.
    Blue is my favorite color.



  2. Ladies, look into my eyes . . . Yes, yes, I know. You are falling in love already. My chiseled abs and arms will always be here to protect you. Yes, you can fall gently into them. I’d fall into them if I could. I’ve been a part of The Frisky’s elite group of Merman since an early age. My Father – Gilbert Frisky Senior was a world class merman who taught me all of the songs, the dances, the rhymes, the skills. I bring only the best to the ladies. Do you need a backrub after work? Do you need someone to wash dishes for you and cook a delicious meal? Do you need someone to wine and dine you? I’ve been groomed since a wee fry in all forms of gentlemanry. Now, I must do all of these things in 4 feet of water of course. But that is small details . . . Yes . . . just look into my eyes . . .



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