Writing Prompt- Night of the living bras

Interior designers Lucius and Marcus have been tasked with renovating an old sorority home rumored to be haunted. They are practical men and do not heed the neighbors’ warning about “strange sabbaths” in the night. While they are debating whether mulberry or lilac is a more thematically appropriate fragrance for the bathroom incense, a rustle startles then ensnares them…

living bras

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  1. When the smooth satin and plush padding brushed their skin, their first instinct was to lean in and sigh. So soothing, so sensuous. But it grabbed them picked them off of their feet and had them dangling in seconds. Marcus’ normally Barry White-esque baritone sent squeals of fear piercing the room. Lucius, always his calm and cool self, knew exactly what to do! His megaphone in hand he clenches tight to alert the neighbors, but a lacy intervention snatches away his cry for help. Both men watch the megaphone falling to a ground that they may never see again, and they can’t believe their eyes. On the ground there was a ring of freshly lipsticked, fleek eyebrowed and gel nailed ghostly sorority girls. Ghost boobs perky in tattered alpha kappa alpha t-shirts their cry was clear and distinguishable. “Take us to the sale. . . why did we die the day before the semi annual sale!!! Take us to the sale!!”


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