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The crew of the Apollo 56 mission returns home after a lengthy exploration trip in the rings of Saturn.


Arguing extreme fatigue at the time, the crew skipped their much anticipated press conference and declined every subsequent interview. One year later, a collective book is published: Statics, A tale of horror and ingenuity. The book proclaims the crew’s intention to go back to Saturn on a crowd- funded mission and details their ordeal once the on-board Netflix Mist© diffuser stopped functioning.

Describe the crew’s horror and ingenuity when confronted to the breakdown.

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  1. This prompt is absolutely ridiculous, I’m going to have to dive deep for this one. Here goes.

    The Netflix diffuser mist was all the craze in 2028 when the Apollo 56 mission crew of the century made their rogue launch. They broke free from the corporate bonds of NASA and through crowdfunding embarked on their historic startup voyage. Wow, were they ever going to show the world.

    These millenials were just hitting their mid thirties and with all of their experience in start ups and building their social media platforms, they brought unique and incredibly invaluable innovations to their space craft.

    First is their astronaut gear. Only the best for their crew, and of course the most hipster. Groundbreaking technology allowed them to use their finds at their local Savers and make them space ready. Self expression uninhibited. they had invented space spray. Spray on body protector that allowed them to navigate space travel without those bulky, crazy uniforms. Repairs of all kinds could be made in the latest hipster gear.

    Selfies have become exponentially important to communication by the 2020’s and their innovation of the space selfie stick with a click, your space photo of you tightening bolts, and cleaning out space nooks and crannies instantly is spit out to all of your social media, and it gets all of the angles, so yes, you can be working it in your red wig, while you work it on your space rig!!!

    Last is the Netflix Diffuser. Through intense negotiations over the sponsorship and contract, they were able to land the diffuser. Aromatherapy had become part of Netflix’s “Netflix and chill” experience branding. Millennials had created the demand and Netflix responded. Netflix and chill had grown by 2028 exponentially, they have snack boxes, wines, and growler delivery that all comes to you, and yes the aromatherapy. Yess. The technological advancements the Millennials had pushed would blow your mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    So yes, there was a catastrophe. The diffuser broke, right at the peak of a rerun session of Gilmore girls. Snacks had all just been distributed and they were all cozy, leaning in for a long night of chill and with a sputter, cough and a poof it exploded. But no, the crew bucked up. They weren’t going to let a good N&C moment go to waste. They put their brains together. In abundance they had gluten free toast, avocado, tom’s toothpaste and all natural floss. The shell of the avocado to this day is part of Netflix’s latest diffuser design. It was a miracle what they did, but they got it up and running, just in time to watch one last episode before the crew had to go down for lights out.

    The space selfie stick caught their innovation and ingenuity on live feed and the footage went viral everywhere. Sheer genius, there’ll never be a crew like them.


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