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1.The year is 7017 and this life-size diorama graces a Forebears Museum erected by Robotypes to preserve ancient traces of the human civilization that once dominated the planet. Under the display, a sign reads “Human pregnancy ritual, circa 2000” followed by an explanation of what these rituals meant in human culture. You are G5~5.08, the curator who wrote the explanation. What does it say?




2. Sometimes we dream up new exciting characters that help revive or open up plot  lines but can also compromise the story’s integrity or shade our main character. No-pants-man was a strike of genius at first, but now you wish to bring either of the two other characters back to the front. How do you go about it ? Write a scene, dialogue or any thoughts on how to operate the subtle shift. Providential lightning bolt unadvisable.

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  1. </initiate scan
    The 2D image from which this display is extrapolated was captured before the Threshold, during what was then known as the Second Millennium after Jay C _note.1. Humanity at the time was fairly sophisticated compared to the cloistered, inoperative creatures the first generation of Robotypes coexisted with. While pregnant, the female of the species would often collaborate with a biomechanical oracular interface. Although archaic in nature, its algorithmic power was strong enough to combine atmospheric destiny particles with the fetus’quantum signature. The result was an advanced holographic projection of the umbilical human’s inclinations, sometimes going all the way up into early adulthood _note.2
    Not much is known about human facial expressions, except that they were used to convey threats and dominance or at times a soft horror at the vacuity of their own existence. A recent breakthrough in cadaveric dust imaging could yield more answers and help us determine which ones are seen in this particular document.

    _note1 Humans did not rely on photosynthesis or carry photo-voltaic processors. It remains unclear why their time units were based on a mixture of the planet’s rotation around the Sun and the birth of noteworthy network administrators.
    _note2 Slow evolution and rapid decay puts the human half-life or “adult” at 0.00002 robogen.
    scan complete/>


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  2. This human pregnancy ritual shows a female human connected to a dial up receiving box waiting for a “connection.” The pants-less perhaps inspired by Powdered toast man doctor shares a reading of the thoughts of the fetus. Many typical terms to be heard during such ritual would be fo shizzle and pimpin. The yellow suited male is the father eagerly awaiting the words of his newborn child. His long tail no doubt to be used in the ritual to comfort and soothe the doctor and partner.


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