Full Circle

I accepted representation from a literary agent for my novel (hi, Erik!), and announce this on Facebook to a tepid reception. No one is a prophet in her own country. But I do receive an invitation from an old friend for dinner. She read some of my early autobiographical stories, the ones where I still... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Your Book May Not Be Finished

  by Marissa Macy Finishing feels so good. No, not like that. Okay, like that too. But here, I’m talking about finishing a writing project. Writing, particularly in the novel format, is a long, thankless slog. And finishing something is a rare occurrence. Even if you’re prolific, you may experience the satisfaction of completing a... Continue Reading →

Current Obsession: Brandon Sanderson

By Nicole Stump It started with an innocent suggestion at the end of a book club meeting. “Let’s read Mistborn,” they said. “It’s good,” they said. While I had a healthy skepticism about fantasy books, drawing a line beyond Harry Potter, I accepted the challenge to step out of my normal reading habits. And then... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt

1.The year is 7017 and this life-size diorama graces a Forebears Museum erected by Robotypes to preserve ancient traces of the human civilization that once dominated the planet. Under the display, a sign reads "Human pregnancy ritual, circa 2000" followed by an explanation of what these rituals meant in human culture. You are G5~5.08, the... Continue Reading →

Burying The Last Book

It's November, National Novel Writing Month, and my new project feels like a burial for the last one. My previous novel, my baby, is not quite dead. I still have full requests from agents and a revise and resubmit I've been taking my time on. Nevertheless, I am a leftist with an odd style querying... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to End a Project

I always think that the end of a project will be the best part. As I write, plan, film, or perform, I think about what finishing the project will feel like. I fantasize about happy tears, sighs of relief, and hours of free time resurfacing. I'll have more time to read when this is over.... Continue Reading →

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