Writing prompt

The crew of the Apollo 56 mission returns home after a lengthy exploration trip in the rings of Saturn.   Arguing extreme fatigue at the time, the crew skipped their much anticipated press conference and declined every subsequent interview. One year later, a collective book is published: Statics, A tale of horror and ingenuity. The... Continue Reading →


By Smita Rewari I don’t know what I’m doing. While this state of mind may pervade my existence every so often these days I feel like maybe, it’s actually a good thing I feel this way. I recently returned back to my chosen career path after a fairly extended maternity leave that encompassed the care... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt- Night of the living bras

Interior designers Lucius and Marcus have been tasked with renovating an old sorority home rumored to be haunted. They are practical men and do not heed the neighbors' warning about "strange sabbaths" in the night. While they are debating whether mulberry or lilac is a more thematically appropriate fragrance for the bathroom incense, a rustle... Continue Reading →

That Would Be Telling

The first piece of advice I heard about querying is not to query too early. It turned out to be kind of horseshit. Every first time novelist – everyone –   queries too early. The query letter is the very first time an untrained writer considers her writing as something for the world. It will be... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt- Gilbert Frisky Jr.

Write a 5 sentence dating profile for Gilbert Frisky Jr. The profile should show him as a well-rounded, multi-layered individual so people are finally able to see past the "hot merman". Use the comments section to write a dating profile for Gilbert.  

Writing in Translation

Because I am devious I thought I would start with a misleading title. In my defense, it was inspired by a question commonly asked to writers who choose to write in another language than their mother tongue: "Do you write in [insert language] in your head first then translate it on to the page?" My... Continue Reading →

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